Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat

It has been a VERY busy day! Not only have I had to get ready for trick or treating, the trunk or treat, and cleaning the house for the football game, I've also had to work! Wow. I made it, though!

I found these really cool sweatshirts at Old Navy yesterday for $2 each! I bought 3, one for each child. They LOVE them, and it's a good thing because Chase decided he didn't want to dress up today. Oh well. At least he was somewhat festive.

The trunk or treat was a lot of fun, with good food! I was hoping more people would decorate their cars, but alas. Maybe next year. This was my creation.


Rion won the child's contest for best costume. He was Kip from Napolean Dynamite and Hailey was a glitter witch.

After trunk or treating, we came home and passed out candy. Hailey and Rion went around the subdivision with friends and got even more candy. Go figure. It was a fun night! On to the next holiday!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is that a....?

...mouse in her hand?

Before and After

Yay, yay! I got a new lamp today! We were at Savers looking for a jean jacket for Rion for Halloween, and we came across this ugly thing for $6. It did, at least, have potential.

After a little bit of work, and lots of time to dry, here is how it looks now. This was the first time I have ever covered a lamp shade. I'm hoping it gets easier since I still have Eric's to do. I used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint for the base. WAY better! I sure love that stuff!

Virtual Room Design Giveaway

I came across this blog a couple of weeks ago called Addicted 2 Decorating that is FABULOUS! I love the designs that Kristi uses, and especially the fabric choices that she uses in her creations.

Well, she is holding a virtual room design giveaway here! Oh heck yes!! We have lived in this house nearly 3 years and I'm still having design issues in our master bedroom. It's HUGE (23.5 feet long by 15.5 feet wide) and so it seems like a very daunting task. So I figured I might as well enter the giveaway and see what happens. Here goes!

View from hallway. I JUST did that lamp on the left today! So excited about that, and I'll post that next.

From hallway slightly to the left with the window.

And a little further left...

Left side of the room, facing the bathroom door. Yes, the elliptical is gathering dust. Time to get moving again!

Far right side of the room. Eric and I have two separate work stations. Mine is on the left in the armoire so I can close it off when I don't want to think about work.

Here is the view facing the door to the hallway. There are a few unfinished projects against the wall, of course.

And there you have it! One of these days I'll finally get it all looking wonderful! Wish me luck on the giveaway!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Dance

Date night! I love date night. I would love to say that we never get one, so when we do it's extra special, but that's not the case. Since we go to the temple every week, we know we have date night regularly. However, tonight's date night was the Stake Halloween Dance. I sent this picture to Eric to see if he wanted me to have the pretend mole for my costume. Let's just say, he liked it. (I do believe his exact words were, "Mmmmm, Seeexxxxyyy!" hee hee hee)

We borrowed some awesome biker gear from Gail, a lady Eric carpools with. I think we looked the part, even if I do say so myself! We went with Melissa and Boyd Ricks to Sizzler first, which was WAY packed because of their 2 steak dinners for $10.98 deal. Worth it, though. Their steak was GOOD! Then off to the dance! We had such a blast! Hopefully I'll have more pictures to add once I can get them off Eric's iPhone and from friends.

More Halloween Dance

I'm still waiting for more, but will add them here when I get them. I wish I had more of just Eric! He was awesome!

Silly Costume

Enough Said.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Chase just ran through the house yelling, "I'm human now!" Gee, I wonder what he was before?

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school, and today is "Crazy Red Day". Here is what we came up with. Sorry for the blurry photos. These were taken at 7:00 this morning with my camera phone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Decorations

It's Fall, y'all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Tag

Chase sure loves his blankie! He loves it so much that he's rubbed the corner raw where the tag is!

And the poor tag isn't looking to well either!

So today, Chase brought in the tag blanket that Tori made for him and told me to cut off the old tag and put this new tag on. (Yes, I know, it's Hello Kitty.) So that's what I did.

Unfortunately, once I started cutting off the old tag, he started crying, "No, not my tag!!" I seriously doubt he'll even pay attention to the new tag.