Sunday, December 12, 2010

Resin Board Tutorial

I've had a lot of questions lately about these boards, so I decided to do a little tutorial. Here is a list of things you will need:

1. picture (this one was from the 2010 calendar)
2. routered board (this 8X10 was purchased at the Hobby Center for less than $1)
3. liquid hardener AND liquid resin. These can be expensive, so split the cost with someone if you can.
4. disposable cups (4-5 to hold up the board depending on the size, 1 to mix the liquids)
5. tongue depressors
6. Glue stick
7. Cutting board
8. garbage bag
9. drinking straw

Step 1: Trim picture to the desired size to fit on your board. If you have a board that is larger than your picture, paint the board your desired color, then let dry completely.

Step 2: Cut picture and glue to board.

Step 3: mix equal amounts of resin and hardener in disposable cup. The amounts just depends on the size of your picture, but needs to be enough total to spread over the entire board. Stir thoroughly for about a minute until nice and bubbly.

Step 4: Cover workspace with garbage bag, making sure table top is level. Place board on cups, then pour mixture over board.

Step 5: Using a tongue depressor, spread mixture over entire board, making sure to fill routered areas. Let drip over sides. Run depressor over sides so that the side's color changes. (don't worry about drips underneath yet.)

Step 6: Can you see all of the tiny bubbles? Using the straw, very gently blow air over the whole picture. This will pop the bubbles. Be careful not to let spit fall through the straw onto the picture.
Step 7: Wait 30-45 minutes, then take another depressor and "dig out" the routered areas. You may have to go over them a few times to make sure they are clear. Once again, blow out any bubbles that may have formed, then drag the depressor along the board underneath to get rid of any drips. The mixture will level out as it sits.

Step 8: Let dry for 24 hours, then frame or prop on a stand an enjoy!